Walking the Knife edge

I wrote this post the night I finished my piece titled "Freedom Dance" It was the most challenging piece I've done yet, and I had to stop to write this just to calm myself down.  Enjoy!


August 30,2013

Sometimes when I'm carving a leaf,I get the same feeling as when I'm standing on the edge of a cliff...just one false move, one muscular twitch, and its all over. Right now I'm carving an incredibly fragile leaf and attempting perhaps the most intricate design I've ever done. As I sit here glancing furtively at the unfinished masterpiece next to me, I can't help but think of how incredibly easy it would be to reach over and crumple it into a fine dust, and even the thought of doing so sends chills through me. It would be akin to holding a gun to my head and pulling the trigger, so physically easy yet so horrifying even to think about. I get such a thrill from this art, and the closer  I get to finishing a piece, the more work I put in, the higher the stakes go. I was always an adrenaline junky, but I never dreamed that doing something so stationary could invoke the same feelings. Going back to work now that I've given my neck a little break, and wishing I had some sort of hippie prayer circle rooting for me. Banking on the Funk Hunters to pick up the slack.

Walking the Knife Edge.jpg