Personal Manifesto (Aug.31,2013)

I wrote this last night after many months of wanting to, but never being quite able to express it in the way I knew I must. This letter goes out to every person I meet in this world, and the fact that it is for everyone should not take away how special it is for each one individually. It is a manifesto in every sense of the word, and one that I plan to live the rest of my life by.

Dear Person...  

As we sit here together, sharing time and space in this precious and finite reality, there are so many unseen aspects, so many unexpressed perceptions. If you are sitting beside me right now I have decided, knowing that the remaining moments in my life are numbered, you are deserving of at least some of those moments. And whether you see life the same way or not, I am also grateful for your decision to include me in this precious fraction of the acting out of your own limited existence.

I am beginning to realize that I am quite an unusual creature in the way I perceive this world, the experiences  I've had so far both in an inner and outer sense, and in the way I choose  to journey  through this life. I suppose being an artistic type this should come as no surprise, and I couldn't possibly be happier or more grateful to be exactly who I am, in this place and time. My life, my truth, my reality, has grown into a beautiful thing indeed and with no shortage of the pain, struggle, loss, and imperfection along the way that adds vital relativity and depth to the living experience.

Knowing how precious and dear this life is to me, it should also come as no surprise  that I am very determined to continue to exist in such a way that allows me to seek  the full potential of what this existence offers. I am one with myself and need no protection, no psychic possessions in the form of other people. I also do not wish to "belong" to anyone, and am no fan of the expectations and obligations that come with that concept (however common and entrenched it may be in our society).

The kind of love I feel for you is the kind I regard to be the purest form, one stripped of needs, demands, jealousy, possession, and the fear that comes with those things. As I look into your eyes, there is only a deep appreciation for your soul, your existence, your moments. A desire to drink in the pleasure and profundity that each of these moments provide. And a sincere hope that by fate with my company, or without, you are able to seek your full potential in this life and reach the end of your journey with a sparkle in your eyes.