July 5, 2019— The third piece to be added to The Revival collection is a simple, elegant piece titled “Burdock Lace”. Burdock is a plant much reviled by most who know it. Its giant, incredibly adhesive burrs were the inspiration for Velcro but if cattle encounter it, the ensuing stress can severely affect their condition. Few, however, have taken the time to appreciate the magnificence of the leaves of the growing plant, with its fantastic marbled vein patterns and furry undersides. Dessie collected (very carefully) a few specimens of varying size, and this small one became a study of said vein patterns. The result was something marvellously reminiscent of lace, and she mounted it with epoxy onto a slice of birch log. This will be the last piece created by the artist, until her hand recovers from an unfortunate (less carefully conducted) impalement accident involving a broken tree stump. Below are pictures of “Burdock Lace” in the making along with the finished piece, which is now available. Individual pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

May 21, 2019— Continuing to ride on a wave of fresh inspiration, Dessie has now created the second addition to her Revival collection, titled “Sea of Serenity”. This piece is infused with the particular brand of adventurous joy with which it was created. Dessie has added a new approach to her repertoire, using multiple leaves to express a single image. When applied to her existing archive of numerous leaves, this altered perspective has brought a rush of creative energy to the artist. Turtles hold a special place in her heart, and she was delighted to find them and bring their pieces together. Dessie also experimented with paint on the canvas background, a final step towards bringing to life these ancient souls of the sea. (Click on individual pictures to enlarge them. Pricing and other info can be found by visiting the Available gallery at http://violenthippieart.com/available ).

May 5, 2019— Upon her return from an extended trip to the USA, Dessie was excited to be back in the studio at her beloved cabin in the wilderness of British Columbia. However, when the artist began poring over the leaves in her collection she felt oddly uninspired by the individual leaves she examined. Taking it as a sign that she should be looking from a different perspective, Dessie began layering the leaves together to see how they would interact. What she found materializing was the figure of a fertility goddess and she was struck by the wild energy, generous proportions and earthy realism the figure emitted. Dessie used a minimum of carving and left the face blank, as a way to allow the viewer to create their own idea of the ethnicity and expression of its features. She mounted it on a white canvas and used cured grass stems for the signature. This piece marks a new period of experimentation for the artist as well as the beginning of a new collection. The title, “To Give”, was chosen to express the selfless and adamant way in which Mother Nature renews Herself. (Click on individual images to enlarge them. The first four are the finished piece in different lights/closeups, and the bottom three are the work in progress.)

April 8, 2019— Dessie returned to her beloved automobile (1981 Monte Carlo a.k.a. Carlito LaPanga) in Oregon in January, only to find that he would require an entire new engine. She purchased one at the local Napa and, saving some money but not time, decided to put it in herself with some guidance from local friends. Very long story short, the mission was a success and Dessie took a journey east across the US to break in the new engine. She has now set up a temporary studio space in Eureka, California to finally focus once again on her art. New leaves are being pressed and new pieces contemplated, and in the meantime she has gone on to create her first numbered print of “A Precious Offering”, which is now available (#1/100). This hand carved print is mounted on the same handmade paper she uses for her originals, and can be shipped or delivered unframed. Here are some pictures of the process along with a comparison next to the original, which is also still available. Inquiries can be made by email direct to the artist at dessie@violenthippieart.com.

January 3, 2019— After travelling Western Canada during the months of October through December doing contract work for an engineering company, Dessie spent the holiday season completing an innovative new commission piece for musician and art collector Scott Shackell (https://scottshackell.com/). The piece is a depiction of one of Scott’s great loves, the Gibson ES-335 guitar. Dessie was able to oblige the request with the leaf from a fiddle-leaf fig, and completed the piece using handmade paper for the neck and head of the guitar, along with grass blades for the frets and tuning pegs. She finished it off using grass stems for the strings and mounted the piece on canvas with a unique handmade paper skin. And this is how “Gibson’s Finest”, was born.

September 3, 2018— Another new addition to the Cabin Collection has arrived. The story of this piece began in the front yard of the artist’s aunt and uncle’s house in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Dessie was enjoying the shade of the tree and examining the leaves, when she realized that their shapes almost perfectly mirrored that of jellyfish. As she watched them, swaying in the gentle breeze and taking on the essence of these strange creatures in her mind, she at once realized that a new project was underway. This piece is the second in which Dessie has combined leaves with a painted background to portray a scene, and she was inspired to use the leaf fragments themselves to form trailing tentacles. Introducing, "Graceful Invasion". Pictured below is the finished piece, nestled in the branches of one of its creators.

July 16, 2018-- As of this day, Violent Hippie Leaf Art is now offering limited edition hand-carved prints of select originals in Dessie's collection. Printed on high quality photo lustre poster stock, they are then hand-carved by the artist, sealed with epoxy, coated with UV protectant and mounted on either handmade paper or canvas. They are sold ready to frame, sandwiched between pieces of particle board with double-sided tape included for easy mounting.

Rather than having a carved signature, these prints are personally signed with a metallic variant and numbered according to the order in which they were made (up to 100). They will be made to order according to demand, first come first serve. Each print will be accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, which will include the story of the original piece. 

Although there is a considerable amount of work involved in the making of these prints, Dessie will keep the price to around a quarter of the value of the original. This is in keeping with the original inspiration for this project, which is to make her work available to a wider range of leaf art fans. A new gallery has been created at http://violenthippieart.com/limited-edition-prints/ . Inquiries can be directed to dessie@violenthippieart.com. Below are two prints that have just been completed and are available for immediate sale.

July 7, 2018-- Dessie paid tribute to Canada Day in Port Moody by exploring the symbol of our country. The day before Canada Day, she was poring over her archives in search of a new leaf to carve and came across her precious collection of bigleaf maples from her 2013 trip to Vancouver Island. As the artist began a simple abstract carving, the little pieces flying away from the leaf under her blade, a concept began forming in the artist’s mind. Travelling has given Dessie a deep appreciation for the true greatness of Canada, and part of this greatness comes from the collective efforts of the many immigrants and natives alike who, together, form the rich tapestry of this country. Those little pieces became personified as unique individuals, that in unity form the totality of the leaf. So began the intense task of presenting the piece in a way that would have these pieces appear to be pouring into the leaf, stirring it up and helping to create its heart. This piece will join the others in the Available gallery with the Cabin Collection under the title, "The Mosaic".

June 23, 2018-- Dessie has set up a temporary studio space in Port Moody, British Columbia. She is preparing to announce a fresh endeavor that she hopes will take Violent Hippie Leaf Art into an exciting new chapter. Stay tuned for the announcement, which should be coming within the next week.

May 19, 2018-- Continuing in a frantic creative phase, Dessie has completed yet another piece. "Trumpeter Swans" is awaiting framing and will be available for purchase at a later date. This piece came very close to being one of Dessie’s dreaded “failed endeavors”. Collected in Mexico, it sat in the artist’s archive for over two years and when she finally attempted to carve it, the leaf had adopted a consistency she can only refer to as “something like dry rot”. However, determined to uncover the images of the graceful swans she saw, Dessie adapted her technique to apply a minimum of detail. This compromise allowed the leaf a fighting chance to hold together until she had coated it with epoxy. The end victory is this elegant piece of art, portraying three trumpeter swans gliding along the surface of a body of water. (Click on individual pictures to enlarge).

May 13, 2018-- Dessie has been waiting a long time to unveil this piece, which was finished in October of last year but so close to her trip to Oregon that she was unable to prepare a release. It has already been sold, however, to a US collector during the course of her trip. Here is the story of "Piece by Peace": Once Dessie made the embarrassingly late realization that almost every leaf carried within it a symbol of peace, one of her first goals was to find it in the largest leaf possible. Enter the simultaneously humble and impressive rhubarb plant, whose beautiful spreading leaves are normally discarded in favor of their flavorful stems (the leaves themselves are actually quite poisonous, curiously enough!). The size of this specimen was large enough that the artist was able to incorporate the landmasses of our precious planet in the circular portion of the design. Like the achievement of peace in the human world, the process was one involving a large amount of slow and careful effort, with no shortage of faith. Taking her representation a step further, Dessie mounted the leaf on a canvas painted with a blue spot on a black background speckled with white spots. The end result is this breathtaking representation of world peace, floating in the endless expanse of outer space. Below are pictures of the creative process.

May 5, 2018-- A new experiment has been underway, with some psychedelic results! Introducing, "Space Time Fabric". These unidentified leaves were found in a Mexican forest that Dessie was exploring back in 2016, and were tucked away in her collection for two years. As with most of her abstract pieces, the artist was enthralled by the intricate vein patterns and simply began carving, letting her instincts guide her. Inspired by the graceful curves of the leaves themselves and wishing she could follow those lines as well, Dessie got the idea to trace the shapes onto her handmade background paper. One idea led to another and she became engrossed in the expanding shapes. The end result is this fascinating and intricate piece of art. The veins of the leaves create a framework and striking focal point, beyond which the layers spread out--along with the imagination. Following are photos of the process as well as a closeup video of the finished piece before framing. Dessie added a border using overlapping scraps of handmade paper (including one containing skeletal leaves). Click on each photo to enlarge it.

May 1, 2018-- Freshened by her discovery of "Together Forever", Dessie has continued to push boundaries (and late night hours) in her ravenous return to leaf carving. Her newest piece, titled "A Precious Offering" has been a source of great pride and joy. This particular species of plant has hidden within it a variety of beautiful images, that have been uncovered over the years. Upon revisiting one particular leaf that had been tucked away in the archive, Dessie caught her breath and was at once thrilled and intimidated by what she saw. This is one of those momentous pieces in which she is able to see something truly spectacular but from the outset, questions her ability to bring it to fruition. However as usual, the artist had no choice but to attempt to rise to the occasion. Slowly and painstakingly, a pair of hands was revealed cradling the symbol of something very precious and delicate thing: peace. Below are pictures of the finished piece along with some from during the process. Click on each picture to enlarge.

April 29, 2018-- It is with great pleasure that Dessie has begun creating new pieces in her British Columbia studio after her long absence in the US. Her newest piece, titled "Together Forever", is not yet available for sale but will be in the future, at a time to be announced by the artist. This leaf was of a group collected from a small tree in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico in 2016. It is the stunning flowers of this tree, fittingly named the Orchid Tree, that catch peoples’ attention but for Dessie (as usual!) it was the tree’s leaves. Their unique shape was intriguing and the artist quickly collected some of various sizes. Once pressed, they sat in her archive for two years before being examined more closely. The silhouettes of two birds snuggling was quite apparent in one and the subtle lines even pointed to a particular species—the lovebird. Being that they are such brightly colored creatures in person, Dessie decided to take a first leap in accenting the simple piece with vegetable paint. How fitting that Mother Nature decided to present to Dessie these romantic little birds in a leaf, which could then be immortalized by a careful hand.

April 25, 2018-- At long last, Dessie has finally completed, to her satisfaction, the experimental (and monumental) piece titled "La Selva". The project began three years ago when the artist decided to attempt something that in hindsight was a move so bold as to be almost foolish--the carving of a traveler palm leaf over a meter long and almost 70 centimeters wide, which would then be encased in a solid panel of epoxy set on top of a thick piece of glass. The leaf itself turned out beautifully, but so began a long string of learning experiences with the panel (including the shattering of the glass behind the epoxy and the subsequent attempts at repair). Her diligence has finally been rewarded with a piece that Dessie feels comfortable putting on the market, although it still contains minor flaws she will without a doubt bring to a prospective buyer's attention. She plans to work with her father to create a custom "frame" around the piece that will help to further stabilize the large panel. Originally intended to be a piece that could be viewed from both front and back, the artist elected to apply a white spray coating to the back to help maintain contrast and minimize the appearance of flaws in the epoxy.

April 15, 2018-- Dessie has finally returned to her beloved leaves after her longest (and hopefully last) absence yet. Shortly after she turned on her phone after crossing the Canadian border, the artist received a call from a new gallery opening up in 100 Mile House, BC with an offer to carry her work. Taking it as a sign that she was destined to hit the ground running, Dessie accepted their offer and within a short few days had prepared an installation, just in time for the grand opening yesterday. Here are the photos from the opening, which experienced a turnout that exceeded all expectations. Dessie would like to thank Ralf and Elke Baechmann of the More Than Wood Gallery, wishing them much success in their newest venture, and add a big thank you to Robert Roberts for the recommendation.

September 3, 2017-- The newest addition to Dessie's Cabin Collection happens to be another northern beast. Here is the story behind the playfully titled "Winter Wosky": While canoe camping in the backcountry with some friends near her studio in British Columbia, Dessie came across a patch of very large leaves growing out of the marsh at the edge of a lake they were traversing. With a not so quick detour into the boggy area, they were able to paddle and push their way within reach of a few of them. The leaves were among the most beautiful she had seen in Canada, and despite the fact that she and her companions were a long ways from the end of their trip and with multiple portages to go, she knew she had to have them at her studio. So the artist picked as many as the cooler would hold (guzzling a beer or two to make more room) and hauled them carefully all the way back. While working on this particular leaf she felt a playful spirit at work, and in the end couldn’t decide if it looked more wolf or husky-like. When Dessie asked her leaf art fans on Instagram to vote, one woman suggested that it looked like a Wosky (Wolf-Husky cross)…and the Winter Wosky was born.

August 14, 2017-- After an extended absence from her art to help with a family situation, Dessie has finally returned to the studio in beautiful British Columbia excited to resume creating and already has completed two new pieces. Introducing "Raven in Moonlight", and "Family of 4", which will be available for purchase shortly. In the hopes of mounting "Raven in Moonlight" on a black background, the artist is currently experimenting with bleaching the piece in the sun to achieve a lighter color. 

May 23, 2017--  A new and unexpected adventure has come to pass, one that will no doubt result in some interesting blog posts when Dessie manages to catch up with it all. She made a snap decision to take a crew position on a sailboat travelling from Mexico through the Panama Canal, and had been away at sea for almost a month. It was an incredible journey, the highlights of which include sailing through lightning storms, being stranded temporarily in a small northern Panamanian port town during which she barrel raced in a rodeo, and standing on deck while the sailboat crashed into a tugboat in the Panama Canal! Luckily she is now safely back in Mexico, and is convinced that hitching rides on sailboats is an exciting way to travel to exotic places to collect new leaves. Dessie is now making preparations to begin her long trip back to Canada, and promises to keep us updated on her progress. Stay tuned for more details!

March 21, 2017-- Dessie met with the proud new owners of "Lily Portals" at their hotel in Puerto Vallarta to deliver the piece personally--something that, whenever possible, the artist takes much pleasure in doing. To make something that creates such a meaningful connection and wonderful feeling in a fellow human being is, in Dessie's mind, a true reflection of the value of art in our world and society. She wishes to congratulate Deborah and Bob Brine of Ontario, and above all thank them for their support in the continuation of one artist's mission.

March 17, 2017-- A brand new piece was unveiled to the public in Soñe during yesterday's Art Walk, and Dessie couldn't be happier with the result. "Lily Portals" was made by the artist over the course of the past few months and in many stages, applying layer upon layer of epoxy to completely encase a group of lily pads depicting dragonflies. The result was this breathtaking piece, which truly showcases the vivid beauty of not only the elegant dragonfly figures, but also of the leaves themselves which are immortalized within a three-dimensional structure. Dessie's efforts in realizing this vision were appreciated, and after being on the market for a matter of minutes, "Lily Portals" was marked with a SOLD sign.

March 11, 2017-- Thursday marked Dessie's first Art Walk under the Soñe banner, and her first sale through the gallery. "Amanecer", a piece created back in 2010 during the artist's time in Sayulita, has found a new home. Stay tuned for the unveiling of a brand new and groundbreaking piece, which will take the place of "Amanecer" in Soñe before this coming Thursday's Art Walk.

March 9, 2017-- Violent Hippie Leaf Art is now sharing space within the dreamlike realm of Soñe Gallery in Bucerias, Nayarit, MX. Soñe is the result of the combined vision of three amazing women, one of whom is a very close friend of the artist. Dessie watched from afar as this vision was realized, and felt the magic translate across the continent as they transformed a humble little space in the heart of Bucerias into a treasure trove of the feminine spirit. She is thrilled to finally be sharing a small part in their dream. There are currently four of Dessie's pieces in the gallery and she is working on presenting two more, including one that has yet to be unveiled to the public. Tonight marks the first weekly art walk in Bucerias where her work can be seen in Soñe, so you leaf lovers in the bahia area can make your way down to the gallery and enjoy all the art in person as you sip a complimentary cocktail! Dessie will be there with all the other artists in Soñe, and hopes to see you there.

March 1, 2017-- Dessie is extremly happy to be able to now share with the world a very special piece of art, which has been kept under wraps until recently because it was made as a gift for a couple of very dear friends. This piece is her first experiment with combining paint and leaf carvings. The story begins in Mexico, where in 2015 the artist was planning to drive north to Canada and exhibit along the way. She was welcomed to Valle de Guadalupe by an old acquaintance named Alejandro who had once been a neighbor in Sayulita, and his lovely girlfriend Maria. They helped Dessie put together a stunning exhibition at the beautiful Hotel Quinta Maria, and their efforts and hospitality were deeply felt. Before leaving the valley, Dessie noticed some grape vines growing in the couple’s yard and picked some leaves, vowing to someday make a gift to express her gratitude. While carving, the artist stumbled quite accidentally upon a peace sign expressed in the veins of one of the leaves. Thus began her Peace Pendant project, which has been another truly fulfilling venture. From a place of giving, even more gifts have sprung! This piece has been imbued with the energy that reflects the best in the heart of mankind, and is fittingly expressed through a plant that has captivated the passions of so many. Dessie delivered it personally on her way through Valle de Guadalupe, and can now finally share the pictures. Introducing, "Por Amor y Vino".

February 28, 2017-- Introducing the second installment of the journey south, titled "Gypsy World Problems". While camping in the desert in Baja California, MX, Dessie had a chance to look back upon the last leg of her trip through the USA. It was a gruelling and highly entertaining ordeal! Check it out at http://violenthippieart.com/thoughts-to-words/2017/2/28/gypsy-world-problems-contd-from-fleeing-south

February 21, 2017-- Dessie has made it to Mexico with many a new story to tell, and is hoping to get caught up on the adventure very soon! Along the way she sold two different pieces of wall art along with numerous pendants. "Dancing With Myself" and "Formations" have both found their home in Oregon, USA. Stay tuned for further news as there will be a lot coming in in short order. As of now the artist is making her way to Bucerias, Nayarit, MX where she plans to collaborate on an exciting new project with her friend and fellow artist Tracy Bonin (http://tracybonin.com/)

February 6, 2017-- Dessie is currently travelling south to Mexico with her faithful vehicular soulmate, Carlito (her 1981 Monte Carlo). She will be writing blogs as she travels but may not post them all immediately as internet availability is limited. She has managed to post her first blog, which can be seen here: http://violenthippieart.com/thoughts-to-words/2017/2/6/fleeing-south . It has been a very interesting trip so far and the prospects of adventure are promising to say the least!

January 23, 2017-- Here's one for the books! Dessie recieved a request for a commission piece from a client in Alberta and, wanting to have it finished and sent with her father on his trip from her studio in British Columbia to avoid having to ship it, finished the piece within 24 hours! "This leaf waited patiently in Dessie’s collection for over four years until commissioned into existence. Her first creation of 2017, it was finished in one long sitting which is unusual for a piece this size. Although the artist has created octopuses in the past, this is the first to contain a level of detail that includes the suction cups beneath the legs (a monumental risk, as the finishing touch on an exceedingly fragile leaf). When compared to past works, a clear progression is evident in terms of refinement. Without altering the outside shape of the leaf, which exemplifies the typical characteristics of the Common Fig, the legs of this graceful creature have been incorporated harmoniously to its edges. The resulting impression is that of dynamic movement, which could be interpreted as a threatening posture--or, simply as effortless suspension in the void of the octopus’s weightless environment." Introducing, "Out of the Void". Those interested in commissioning their own piece may be excited to know that an order includes up-to-the-minute progress reports with pictures, as well as an opportunity to help create a title for the piece. Here are some pictures that shed light on the process behind her latest piece.

January 19, 2017-- After a busy and blissful holiday season, Dessie has hit the ground running in 2017 with planning new works and her delayed trip south to Mexico. Her large piece from the Cross-Continental collection titled "In Search of Knight" has just sold to a horse+art lover in the artist's home province of Alberta. Dessie's shrinking collection of available works will soon be replenished following her Mexico leaf collecting mission, and she plans to focus on promoting in the BC lower mainland upon her return to Canada in the spring. All of the artist's current works are available direct for the time being, so be sure to check out http://violenthippieart.com/available/ and contact Dessie directly at dessie@violenthippieart.com for more info.

"In Search of Knight" (2015)

December 8, 2016-- Teaming up with fledgling video editor Jeff Reimer, this stop-motion video was made which gives a unique look into the carving process involved in the creation of Dessie's Peace Pendant collection. So far the collection has been a massive hit with fans, and Dessie hoped to have all 100 finished before Christmas day. To check out those still available and new ones as they are posted, click on http://violenthippieart.com/peace-pendants-2016/ and pick your favourite. For those who enjoy the video and would like to make their own for social media or their website, contact Jeff at jeff_reimer_@hotmail.com.

December 7, 2016-- Dessie had made plans to drive south to Mexico as autumn came to a close, but fate had other plans. Beset by a nagging feeling that she was missing something in her quest, she began making a gift for some friends and in the course of carving, stumbled across a peace sign hidden among the repeated circles of the design. The artist was awestruck to find that this same design is repeated in countless numbers of leaves in her collection. Overcome by an urge to create as many of these as possible, the realization formed that perhaps she was meant to stay a while longer at the beloved cabin in the wilderness, to create a new collection. As a way to make these creations accessible to as many of her fans as possible, Dessie has decided to make a limited-edition Peace Pendant collection containing 50 numbered and certified pendants. To see this collection as it is updated and to purchase one of your own, check out http://violenthippieart.com/peace-pendants-2016/ . Here are a few pictures of Dessie's favourites so far, which are also still available.

November 14, 2016-- Yet another dragonfly piece has been commissioned, this time by a British Columbia collector. Dessie is delighted that the image of the regal dragonfly has resonated with so many, and hasn't tired of carving the intricate designs which vary slightly in each lily pad. This piece is titled "Jewel of the Marsh", and was set against handmade paper embedded with skeletized leaves. To commission your own piece, simply take in the galleries on this website and make a request. Not all the pieces are available for commission, but Dessie does have a supply of some of the types she has used in the past and may be able to create one similar.

November 12, 2016-- Dessie has been busy preparing for her journey south, after spending over a year in Canada. She will once again be following the Western coastal route through the US, and this time plans to travel the length of Baja California before taking the ferry across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. She plans to travel more of Mexico this winter, in search of unique leaves to comprise a stunning new collection. Her newest experimental piece, "Metamorphic", has sold to a Canadian buyer and Dessie will have the pleasure of delivering it personally on her way out of the country.

October 8, 2016-- Following her groundbreaking performance in Vancouver, Dessie has returned to Alberta to assist in some family affairs--but she managed to sneak in a new experiment during a brief interlude in her workshop on Lac des Roches. For quite some time, the artist has been working with epoxy resins as both a way of preserving her work and presenting it. She decided the time was right to further explore the potential of epoxy. To begin, Dessie settled on the popular subject matter of the dragonfly as a way of presenting something familiar in a unique fashion. Encasing the piece in a solid panel of resin afforded her the opportunity to include the many leaf fragments left behind by the carving process, and presented her with the challenge of how to include the signature. It was made by painstakingly gluing together tiny pieces of dried grass stems. The overall effect was truly dynamic. The dragonfly appears frozen in the height of transformation, the leaf fragments transfixed in the space around it. Originally Dessie had plans to remove the metal baking sheet from the piece, leaving it as a clear panel, but once finished she was intrigued by the concept of environmental-meets-industrial. The contrast was thought provoking and compelling...and it seemed to suit the title she already had in her mind. Introducing, "Metamorphic". This piece is now available direct from the artist, with inquiries to be directed to dessie@violenthippieart.com 

September 15, 2016-- More pictures have arrived of the recent Vancouver Art Attack fundraiser show, in which Dessie participated with a number of other artists to create pieces of art to be auctioned for the benefit of Coast Mental Health (http://www.coastmentalhealth.com/). The professional photographer at the event was none other than the dynamic Paul "The Clayman" Moldovanos, who captured the spririt of the event and energy of the artists in detail. Below are just a few of his pictures. To view the rest from the event and more of The Clayman's work, visit TheClayman.com 

September 13, 2016-- The Vancouver debut of Violent Hippie Leaf Art was a heartwarming success, and Dessie is still trying to find the words to express just how happy she is with the experience. In just four hours, she was able to create a piece that recieved one of the highest bids at the auction. For the first time, her process was displayed publicly. Patrons of the event were astonished to watch the freehand carving process in action, many of them seeing Dessie's unique form of art for the first time. The event was blessed with an aboriginal ceremony and with the gallery full of this beautiful energy, the 20 or so artists began their work. After an intense afternoon, all artists presented their work and an auction ensued which benefitted the Coast Mental Health organization (http://www.coastmentalhealth.com/). Dessie is overjoyed to have met so many great artists and prospective collectors, and hopes that this will be the first of many showings in the beautiful city of Vancouver. To learn more about the incredible venue in which this event took place, go to http://thewaterfallbuilding.ca/ 

September 7, 2016-- In the midst of Dessie's final preparations for her groundbreaking live art performance in Vancouver, another bit of excitement has added to the mix. Today, the long awaited article was released on the website The Gold Luggage, where there is an in-depth interview with the artist. Dessie would like to send a heartfelt thank you to The Gold Luggage's founder, Alessandra Salvagno, for taking the time to make contact and create such a beautiful article. To read the article, go to http://www.thegoldluggage.com/single-post/2016/09/07/ARTIST-WITH-THE-LUGGAGE---DESSIE-JEANNE-MARSHALL and be sure to check out some of the other inspiring stories featured as well.

August 28,2016-- Despite all odds (due to its former fragility), Dessie's new piece titled "Irish Elk" has survived the preservation process and is now framed and available for purchase. For more information or to place a bid for this highly unique piece of art, email the artist direct at dessie@violenthippieart.com

August 26, 2016-- Dessie has officially been invited to the 4th annual Vancouver Art Attack event, Paint Your Heart Out. This is a huge honour for the artist, as this is the largest live art event in Vancouver. It will be taking place on September 10th at the Waterfall Building, with Dessie as a featured demo artist. She will have four hours to create a piece, to be auctioned later on in the event. This will be the first time she has ever publicly demonstrated her freehand leaf carving process. Given the meticulous and unforgiving nature of Dessie's artistic technique, her commitment to this show is not unlike that of a highwire performer: there will be no second chances should she make a mistake. Though admittedly nervous of such a risk, this is an enormous opportunity for the artist to showcase her work in a high profile setting, and Dessie hopes she will rise to the occasion. For more information on the event and to purchase your tickets, please proceed to the facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1592059997773454/ , or visit the Art Attack website http://www.vancouverartattack.net/ .

August 2, 2016-- Dessie eagerly burned the midnight oil last night to finish a spectacular piece. Megaloceros giganteus, commonly known as the Irish Elk, lived in Europe as recently as 7,700 years ago and had the largest antlers of any known deer, either then or today. This leaf had been buried in the artist's collection for so long that she hasn't the slightest idea where she found it or what type of plant gave rise to its existence. Dessie thoroughly enjoys finding extinct species reincarnated within the confines of a leaf, feeling that perhaps Mother Nature is paying tribute in some small secret way to the magnificent lives that have come and gone upon her Earth. In terms of magnificence, this one is particularly so. Titled simply, "Irish Elk", this piece must still endure the preservation process and be framed, at which time it will be listed for sale. For more information, contact the artist directly at dessie@violenthippieart.com .

July 11, 2016-- A new leaf has joined the Cabin Collection, along with the now available "Demon of War". Introducing, "Ancestral Spirits". This Sea Grape leaf from Costa Rica sat curing in Dessie's collection for over a year, until recently when she examined it at her studio in British Columbia, Canada. She could see the profile of two faces, but as usual had no idea what they would look like and simply felt her way along with the razor blade. Slowly one and then the other emerged, with very different features but both wearing expressions that radiated a wizened, kindhearted amusement. Both are old but one is ancient, and this brought about a concept in the artist's mind. It made Dessie smile to think of our ancient relatives peeking at us through the leaves of trees, benevolently watching as our lives unfold.

July 11, 2016-- Dessie recieved a very special email from a recipient of a particular piece, and with permission has decided to share it with leaf lovers everywhere in the hopes that some of this joy will transmit. Check it out at http://violenthippieart.com/thoughts-to-words/ and be sure to check back again shortly, as the artist is almost ready to reveal her next piece.

June 2, 2016-- True to her word, Dessie's most recent piece is quite unlike any prior. The fiddle fig leaf she had been hanging onto since last year has an atypically oval shape to it, unlike the usual skull shape normally presented to the artist by this type of leaf. She had a strange feeling there was a mask lurking in there somewhere, and that it was something fierce. However, not being familiar with the subject of masks, it wasn't until Dessie did some research on Japanese history that she discovered the true essence of this spectacular leaf. All at once, she looked over at the leaf and saw the menacing glare of an Edo-period Samurai war mask, the kishin or demon face once presented in battle and theatre. As she carved away and the image appeared, Dessie felt a definite sense of unease mixed with fascination at having brought this historical monster to life. This unusual piece is titled "Demon of War", and will be available shortly. It is currently being preserved and framed. For more info, email the artist directly at dessie@violenthippieart.com

May 28, 2016-- Dessie has been taking some time away to care for a sick family member this month, but will be resuming her work very soon and has plans for her next project. Rest assured, it will be something never before seen in a leaf!

May 9, 2016-- Almost immediately after its unveiling, "Scarab in Flight" was purchased by a New Zealand collector and will be heading overseas from Canada early tomorrow. Dessie is thrilled (and a bit wistful) that her art is travelling to places she herself has never been, and hopes to follow in the footsteps all of her pieces eventually. Scroll down to the newsfeed post below to view pictures of "Scarab in Flight", and proceed to http://violenthippieart.com/available/ to check out what is currently available for purchase.

May 6, 2016-- Dessie is excited to introduce a new piece to her Cabin Collection, which contains imagery never before seen in any of her past creations. While poring over her extensive assortment of preserved leaves, Dessie spotted one whose veins contained wing shapes. Intrigued, she studied the leaf but at first couldn't reconcile them with any type of animal she knew; certainly nothing elegant like the dragonflies she had been finding recently. When the image finally blundered into focus, Dessie laughed with the sudden memory of the giant Rhinoceros beetles she had seen in Mexico, whose very flight seems miraculous considering their large and ungainly proportions. They would fly into her friend's yard at night like drunken cargo pilots, careening around to eventually crash land against a wall and land helplessly on their backs.The leaf was hiding an image of their slightly more graceful cousin, the Scarab. As an added touch, the artist layered resin on the wings to create the effect of a wing membrane during the  final preservation process. Introducing, "Scarab in Flight", which will be joining the other available pieces in the Cabin Collection. To inquire about pricing and availablity, message Dessie direct at dessie@violenthippieart.com

April 26, 2016-- Two very different pieces have found their way to collectors recently. "Alas Ingravidas" (left), from the Cross-Continental collection and "Secretos en la Selva"(right), from the Puerto Vallarta collection have both been sold by the artist this spring. Dessie is currently working on a new grouping titled The Cabin Collection, which contains some groundbreaking work already and promises to continue showcasing the current limits of her creativity and progress. Check out http://violenthippieart.com/available/ to see Dessie's newest creations, as well as the remaining available pieces from earlier periods.

April 11, 2016-- "Leaf Spiral', a piece from Dessie's new Cabin Collection, has been sold after just a short time on the market. This piece is the first in a new exploration for the artist, focusing on arranging multiple small abstract elements into a larger composite piece. She continues to add to the Cabin Collection and will likely include more investigations into this approach, after the success of her most recent, "Mandala". To view "Mandala" and other pieces still available, proceed to http://violenthippieart.com/available/

April 10, 2016-- After nearly a year without writing, Dessie has found the time to finish recounting her trip northwards from Mexico and has picked up where she left off. Titled "High on Life (and wine!) in Valle Guadalupe", this post is a continuation from "One Last Push!". Check it out at http://violenthippieart.com/thoughts-to-words/2016/4/9/high-on-life-and-wine-in-valle-guadalupe-contd-from-one-last-push

April 8, 2016-- Dessie's landmark Cross Continental collection released one more of its dwindling treasures yesterday, as "Freedom Dance" found its way to a Calgary based collector. This piece toured with the artist across three countries during her Cross Continental tour and is one of the most unique pieces in an already mosaic gathering. 

April 5, 2016-- The most recent addition to the Sold Gallery is a piece titled, "Fairy Companions". Last fall Dessie discovered two types of water lilies in Clearwater, BC to contain graceful images of dragonflies. She created several pieces, all of which are now sold. A very limited number of commissions are available, as the artist has just a few lily pads left in storage until this summer, when she will collect more from Clearwater. 

March 26, 2016-- Although the past month has been devoid of news, it isn't for lack of something happening! Dessie has been holed up this entire time working on a spectacular new piece, the final product being kept strictly under wraps until now. For the first time, she documented the entire process in creating "Mandala", including filming short time lapse videos of the actual carving process. The entire story has just been uploaded to her blog, which can be viewed by clicking this link: http://violenthippieart.com/thoughts-to-words/2016/3/26/serendipity-strikes-again . The piece itself will be available very soon. Enjoy!

February 18, 2016-- Despite being busy preparing for her exhibition at Parkside Gallery, Dessie couldn't resist squeezing in time to create this commission piece, ordered by a collector with a general enthusiasm for dinosaurs. Given time and a free reign with specific subject matter, the artist was looking through her collection when she spotted this fiercely armoured face among the crowd. The leaf itself was found in Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico, and was extremely brittle but Dessie pushed the limits with the amount of detail it could withstand. The gamble paid off, and "Ankylosaurus" was born.

February 13, 2016-- Dessie co-hosted the opening reception at the Parkside Gallery (http://www.parksideartgallery.ca/) with fellow artist and woodcarver Robert Roberts yesterday evening. Their co-exhibition was titled "A Walk Through Recycled Trees", and drew an impressive number of artists and art enthusiasts from the surrounding area. Here are a few photos taken from the event, with more to come shortly.

February 9, 2016-- So far 2016 has been a year of intense progress for Violent Hippie Leaf Art, with publicity and exposure that has far surpassed all expectations. Yet another interview with the artist has been published, this time by Eh Canada Travel and Adventure (http://www.ehcanadatravel.com/). This is Dessie's most in depth interview as of yet and contains some very interesting insights. The full interview can be found at http://www.ehcanadatravel.com/blog/2016/02/08/interview-with-violent-hippie-leaf-art/ .

February 4, 2016-- Dessie continues to be inspired by the smaller leaves in her collection with this follow up to "Leaf Spiral", titled "Formation". Made with wild Gooseberry leaves which were collected in the autumn at the height of their colour, the artist arranged these leaves in a way that creates an interesting geometric formation on the background--both in the leaves, and on the blank space surrounding them. This, along with the other available pieces in Dessie's new Cabin Collection, will make their debut at her upcoming exhibition at the Parkside Gallery in 100 Mile House, BC on February 12th.

February 1, 2016-- The latest piece to enter the Cabin Collection was made from a strange leaf found by Dessie on her cross-continental journey north, through Mexico. She was gassing up Carlito when she noticed the mysterious leaves and took the time to press one before continuing on her way. The artist revisited this unique, ragged leaf recently and decided to carve instinctively. What emerged was, to her, a representation of a sort of universal interconnectivity. To the initial glance it appears very chaotic and random, but through careful observation an intricate pattern reveals itself. Introducing, "Scattered Connections." 

January 27, 2016-- Dessie's work can now also be seen on the Eh Canada Travel and Adventure Guide (http://www.ehcanadatravel.com/), a platform dedicated to connecting tourists and newcomers to Canada with the beautiful places, attractions and businesses across Canada. The artist also received an email today notifying her that her art was featured in Beautiful Lands (http://beautiful-lands.com/posts/leaf-art-of-dessie-jeanne-marshall#.Vql7cPkrLIU), a website that promotes "new wonders" in art and culture around the world! It appears that 2016 is shaping up to be a real breakout year for Violent Hippie Leaf Art.

January 23, 2016-- Some very big news as of late. A few weeks ago, Dessie decided to create an Instagram account on the advice of friend and fellow artist Dana Pettem (http://www.naturaldesign-concepts.com/) and as a result, Violent Hippie Leaf Art is receiving rapidly incresing global recognition. A feature on the website Design Taxi (http://designtaxi.com/news/383704/Artist-Carves-Intricate-Patterns-On-Leaves-To-Create-Charming-Animal-Silhouettes/#.VqGcLUpjKyA.facebook) led to an interview with VICE's The Creator's Project (http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/dessie-jeanne-marshall-leaf-art). It looks as though Instagram was a great publicity tool for the artist and she is recommending others to invest some time into it as a way of sharing their creations with the world.

January 14, 2016-- As predicted, the number of available pieces containing dragonflies continues to shrink. The latest piece to join the Sold gallery is "Hidden in Plain Sight". Dessie was excited to learn that this particular piece of art will be headed to the Grenadine Islands--perhaps the most exotic location yet for a piece of her art, and definitely the longest distance a dragonfly has ever flown! There is now just one dragonfly piece remaining, "Fairy Companions". To view it and others, proceed to the Available Work section and feel free to email the artist for more info.

January 12, 2016-- Today Dessie framed a new piece, titled "Leaf Spiral". Made with red vine leaves that had been growing on the side of the Fairmont Empress hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, the artist stored these leaves in a book for over 3 years before being struck with the idea to make this sort of arrangement. For the full story behind this piece, proceed to the "Available" section of the artist's gallery. All inquiries welcome at dessie@violenthippieart.com 

January 7, 2016-- "Fairy Companions" is now framed and available direct from the artist. This will mark the end of Dessie's dragonfly creating spree, as she will turn her attention to some of the other leaves in her archives. January promises to be a busy month at the carving table. Violent Hippie Leaf Art is now officially on Instagram as well @violenthippieart. Happy 2016!

January 7, 2016-- The latest piece in the Cabin Collection, titled "The Damsel". It was sold even before it was framed, however there are more dragonflies to come. Dessie has finished two other pieces, one containing three leaves which will be framed as a group. They will be made available very soon, but likely won't remain so for long--those interested in owning one are well advised to contact the artist as soon as possible.

December 20, 2015-- Another piece has joined the Cabin Collection. Introducing, "Dancing With Myself". Check the Cabin Collection in the available work section for the story behind this remarkable new piece, and send the artist an email for additional info and pricing (dessie@violenthippieart.com).

December 18, 2015-- Dessie met yesterday with the curator from the Parkside Art Gallery (http://www.parksideartgallery.ca/) and made a tentative agreement to hold a co-exhibition with wood carver Robert Roberts, from February 12th, 2016 until sometime in March. Last night Dessie framed a new piece, titled "Hidden in Plain Sight", which will be available immediately direct from the artist. For more info, please proceed to the Contact page and send Dessie an email. Cheers!

December 16, 2015-- After an extended stay in Oregon, Dessie has returned to spend atleast a good part of the winter in the Cariboo region of British Columbia at the family cabin, situated on the shores of beautiful Lac des Roches. Here, she plans to create a new collection using leaves she has collected in her cross-continental travels. She also plans to promote her art in BC with a special focus on the Vancouver area. There is already a possible exhibition in the works for February in the interior, so those interested in hosting an event for 2016 would be advised to contact the artist as soon as possible. Happy holidays to all you leaf lovers out there!

September 25, 2015-- Dessie will be touring the Oregon coast and working on some projects for the month of October while planning an upcoming project. Until November, you may experience a delay in her replies to emails and messages as her internet access will be limited at this time.

September 14, 2015-- Here are a few pictures taken from Dessie's recent afternoon showing at Lac des Roches Resort. Photography by Giorgio Romano (giorgio.romano@gmail.com).

September 12, 2015-- This month has so far marked a period of intense activity for Dessie, as well as the beginning of her Cabin Collection. Here is the official unveiling of its first piece, created in memory of departed childhood friend Shawna Holmen. Made from a purple water lily leaf found in nearby Dutch Lake. Dessie had collected it a couple weeks ago and had plans simply to expose the beautiful patterns of veins, when she spotted in that pattern the perfect shape of a dragonfly. This particular piece will not be for sale, but don't be surprised if the artist becomes preoccupied with creating more of these striking designs!

September 6, 2015-- Today Dessie held a short-notice exhibition lakeside at the beautiful Lac Des Roches Resort. The weather was beautiful, and the long weekend crowd thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of unusual art along with delicious authentic Italian cappucinos made by proprietors Laura and Luca.

August 11, 2015-- Finishing up her tour of Vancouver Island, Dessie is now making her way to the family cabin near Little Fort, British Columbia. This has been an exhiliarating journey north for the young artist, and she plans on writing many more blog posts to catch up on covering it. She plans on staying at the cabin for a few weeks, finishing new pieces and catching up with family. Stay tuned for updates and details, and be sure to check out the Thoughts to Words section of this page for the latest installment of the adventure north. Pictured below is "Guerrero Viejo," the latest piece sold to a client on Vancouver Island, and "Swan, which now belongs to a collector in Coquitlam.

July 28, 2015-- Dessie made a stop in Tokeland, WA for the Tokeland Woodfest on July 25th and 26th. It was her first time visiting the area, and she met an astounding number of wood carving artists and true characters. She found out about the festival through Jeffro Uitto, whose incredible driftwood sculptures are quickly becoming world-renowned (http://www.jeffrouitto.com/), and while there became aquainted with Rick Wilcox, a man who has found his calling creating otherworldly pieces of art by combining beautiful pieces of wood with antique glass Japanese fishing floats ( https://www.facebook.com/DriftNStuff?fref=ts ). Dessie is currently in Seattle, WA and plans on heading to Vancouver Island tomorrow, as a continuation of this serendipitous journey. Check out the thoughts to words section of this page as she continues to update her adventure.

June 30, 2015-- Dessie spent a few days in San Francisco, CA and decided to hold a pop-up exhibition in Golden Gate Park on June 28th. She hung her art from the trees beside a walking path on Hippie Hill, and the reaction of the locals was one of curiosity and bewilderment, followed by amazement. Because the medium of Dessie's art is so unusual, it takes both time and explanation for people to understand what exactly they are looking at. Many approached believing that they were paintings of some sort, and struggled to understand that the work was made of actual plant leaves. It made for a very interesting and immensely enjoyable afternoon! Also pictured are the proud new owners of "Jaguar," a couple from the Bay Area to whom Dessie was able to personally deliver their new piece of art. Stay tuned for a full account of the Bay Area Adventure in the "Thoughts to Words" section.

June 22, 2015-- After an intense and uplifting journey northward through the Mexican desert, Dessie finally reached her destination of Valle de Guadalupe near Ensenada, Baja California just in time for her exhibition at the beautiful Quinta Maria (http://www.booking.com/hotel/mx/quinta-maraa.html). With much help from her friends Alejandro, Conchita, Tere and Richard, the exhibition was a huge success with over 30 people making the trip to see the display. This included the unveiling of Dessie's newest and by far biggest piece yet, "La Selva." Alejandro Acevedo generously provided the guests with his delicious new wine, Vino Labios Rojos (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vino-Labios-Rojos/131166373567503?fref=ts). It was truly an evening to remember, and Dessie is overjoyed to have shared it with such great people.

June 14, 2015-- Even while busy preparing for her journey northwards, Dessie has managed to create new pieces to take with her. The new additions are both mounted and sealed with epoxy onto 35.5 x 35.5cm canvas. One is an experimental abstract using five small leaves arranged in a pinwheel formation on a background of tree bark, while the other contains two small and very intricate butterflies. Please check the gallery of this page for more individual info and availability.

June 8, 2015-- Dessie finished her successful run at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach House yesterday with the help of friend and fellow artist Tracy Bonin (http://tracybonin.com/), packing the art in Dessie's 1981 Monte Carlo in preparation for the northward leg of her Cross-Continental art tour. They then installed Tracy's paintings, bringing vibrancy and color to the gallery walls. Her art will be exhibited there for the next month, with the opening cocktail party this coming Friday the 12th. Dessie would like to thank both Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach House and Tracy Bonin for their generous support, and will be attending Tracy's opening party. What a perfect venue for this hot summer season! Come join them on the shore of the Pacific and savor the cool ocean breeze while enjoying some stunning artwork.

June 1, 2015-- "Pinguinos Tropicales" has become the latest piece sold in the artist's collection, to a client from Calgary, Canada. Although the piece was residing in Mexico, Dessie was able to eliminate shipping costs for the buyer with a stroke of luck and help from a dear friend, who happened to be flying from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary.

May 28, 2015--The very day it was finished this piece, "La Monarca", was bought up by a collector as it was being installed at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach House. This Elephant Ear (colocasia) leaf, depicting the image of a majestic Monarch butterfly, was found in Bucerias, Mexico and set onto a black canvas using epoxy, complete with twig signature. For those of you who feel you have missed an opportunity to make this piece your own, fear not! The artist is currently working on creating another piece using two more.

May 26, 2015-- Here are some updated pictures of the piece currently being auctioned, "Jaguar", taken at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach House. To bid on this item or for more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/jaguarauction?fref=ts . For those of you without facebook, please email the artist at dessie@violenthippieart.com .

May 17, 2015-- Dessie would like to thank everyone who came to the event at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach House for their support in making such a memorable evening, as well as apologize for forgetting to take more pictures! She would also like to send a big thank you to the staff and proprietors for their generous efforts in making the night a success, and to DJ Franco for the piece of his soul he shared with everyone. Here are two of the latest pieces to find new homes (Guardian de Arrecife and Autumn Abstract), and two of the newest creations that were unveiled at this exhibition. 

May 10, 2015-- The event at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach Club will be Friday, May 15th at 8pm. There will be cocktails, and the auditory art will be provided by DJ Franco Demichelis. Dessie will be showing all of her available work, as well as unveiling several new pieces at this show. Here is a sneak peek at one, finished late last night and now awaiting a frame. The title of this piece will be "Calavera #4: Jalisco".

May 3, 2015-- Today Dessie's art was installed at Tres Muros Gallery inside Mahi Beach Club in Puerto Vallarta, MX. This will be her final showing before heading north on her Cross-Continental art tour (still in the planning stages). She will be displaying several new pieces of art, while keeping busy creating even more for the northward tour. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming art party at Mahi Beach Club.

April 24, 2015-- Tuesday April 28th will be the date of Dessie's closing party at Benitto's Paninoteca bar in marina Vallarta. The party will be from 6 to 9 pm, with a welcome cocktail and a great selection of music. After a successful two month run, she will be making way for the fabulous paintings of Tracy Bonin ( http://tracybonin.com/ ) and moving to her final location in Puerto Vallarta before leaving for her upcoming West Coast Art Tour. This final location will be the Mahi Beach Club, located at the famous Playa Los Muertos in the Zona Romantica district. Stay tuned for the details of this event.

April 22, 2015-- Here is another as-of-yet unnamed piece, finished just yesterday after many long hours. Dessie is quite proud of this piece as she has long been acquainted with the high degree of difficulty associated with portraying the spots on jaguars. She has always been a fan of sketching portraits of the big cats, but often settled on drawing cougars and lions because many of her jaguars and leopards ended up looking messy or two-dimensional. This time she took a huge and time-consuming risk, and it seems to have payed off. The piece has yet to survive the coating process and will not be listed for sale for the moment.

April 10, 2015-- Continuing an intense period of creation in the forest outside Sayulita, Dessie has just finished a new abstract piece which has yet to be named. This time has been one of isolation and introspection for the artist. The way she carved this piece, with alternating sections of positive and negative space, felt to Dessie like an expression of the way she lives her life: totally irregular and inconsistent, yet somehow resulting in a harmonious balance.

March 31, 2015-- Here is a sneak peek at Dessie's newest creation, titled "Guerrero Viejo". Changing locations to the Hacienda has so far proven to be a boon of inspiration for the artist, and she is currently working on two commission pieces as well as planning her most ambitious project yet, on top of creating new and exciting pieces such as this. Although not yet posted as available, those who would like to express an interest in this piece can proceed to the contact page and write Dessie an email for more info. Happy spring! May it be a time of inspiration, rebirth and creation for all.

March 14, 2015-- The new work shop is underway at Hacienda Herencia outside Sayulita, where Dessie will be taking a partial sabbatical to focus on creating her new pieces. She will still be visiting Puerto Vallarta several days a week to spend time between Benitto's Paninoteca bar (Calle Popa L-21 Marina Vallarta, Condominios Nima Bay, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) and El Sofa Cafe (Venustiano Carranza 306, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco), where her art is on display, and can also be reached either by email (dessie@violenthippieart.com) or phone (MX 322-101-9289). Her plans are to complete a current commission piece and put together a whole new collection, including tackling her most ambitious project yet. Stay posted for upcoming pics of her new work space and progress!

March 11, 2015-- Today Dessie installed a new display at El Sofa cafe in the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, MX. As of now, El Sofa and Benitto's Paninoteca bar in the Marina in Puerto Vallarta contain the artist's entire collection (minus 2 pieces). It is now time for her to set up her workshop and do another round of creating, and she is very excited to get started. Below are pictures of Dessie's new display in El Sofa cafe, which is located at Venustiano Carranza 306. 

March 5, 2015--The exhibition at Villas Sayulita was an interesting endeavor, with the artist improvising her outdoor display by making easels out of bamboo and hemp string. Dessie and the other artists were able to showcase their unique work to the variety of environmentally minded people attending the 3 day workshop and the response was great, resulting in new connections and a better understanding of sustainable living. Below are some pictures of Dessie's display, with more photos to come.

February 20, 2015-- Dessie will be participating on short notice in a one-night art exhibition, to be held in Sayulita as part of a 3 day event involving sustainable living, hosted by the Permaculture Sayulita group. The art exhibition portion will be held at Villas Sayulita (Calle Rosalio Tapia Esquina Calle Sabalo, 63732 Sayulita, Nayarit, MX) on Saturday, February 28th starting 4pm. The artist will be exhibiting her work alongside Dana Pettem, Soltero, Paulina Gutierrez, and Mr. Escobar , accompanied by the music of Vaquero Negro, Pasha and Orater Es. Dessie plans to backlight much of her art for this outdoor evening exhibition, and some of her finest pieces will be on display. She is excited to be contributing her efforts in raising awareness about a subject as close to her heart as sustainable living. Besides the art exhibition on Saturday, there will be a permaculture introduction and temascal Friday evening. During the day Saturday there will be hands-on building classes of composting toilets, finishing up on Sunday with a visit to the TierraLuz eco-community. For more information on the 3 day event or to buy tickets, contact Jose Salim Zermeno at salimfcs@gmail.com (322-205-7351) or call Villas Sayulita at 329-292-3063. To attend the art exhibition alone, simply follow the directions to Villas Sayulita on Saturday and pay 200 pesos at the door (pizza and beverages will be included in the experience). Sustainable living is the future, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn invaluable skills in such a blissful setting. 

February 10, 2015-- The exhibition at Benitto's Paninoteca bar has been a continuing success, with three pieces now sold and almost three weeks left until things wrap up at this fabulous location in Puerto Vallarta, MX. Luckily the artist has backup pieces available for display, so regulars can expect to see something new next time they come in. Pictured below are the most recent sold pieces. Stay tuned for updates and more pictures of the exhibition as they come in.

February 7, 2015-- The latest exhibition, titled "Arte en Hojas," at Benitto's Paninoteca Bar in the marina in Puerto Vallarta has been keeping the artist very busy. The opening night on February 3rd brought in a great mixed group of both local and foreign enthusiasts and collectors. Some were loyal supporters and others seeing this groundbreaking art form for the first time, yet all truly enjoyed the new display and the trendy, inclusive atmosphere of Benitto's. Benitto Camelou himself attended the event, and joked that he hoped the art wouldn't sell, so he could keep it! However, the new piece that Dessie unveiled at this exhibition, titled "4 Estaciones", did indeed sell and will be replaced by another large canvas piece for the remainder of the exhibition. For the entire month of February, those who missed the opening night will be able to enjoy the exhibit over a tasty meal or glass of wine at Benitto's. Below are just a few of the photos taken, with more to come shortly.


January 29, 2015-- The date of Dessie's next exhibition will be February 3rd, from 6-9 pm, at Benitto's Paninoteca Bar in Puerto Vallarta, MX. If you are in the area, don't miss a chance to see Violent Hippie Leaf Art up close and personal at this intimate location. Featured will be works both new and old, as the artist has shipped works from Canada as well as creating new pieces since her arrival in Mexico.


January 17, 2015-- Violent Hippie Leaf Art has officially returned to Mexico. Dessie has been off to a great start this New Year, creating one of her finest pieces yet and planning a new exhibition at Benitto's Paninoteca Bar in Marina Vallarta. Stay tuned for details and dates of this upcoming event, which will be sometime in February. As for her newest piece, titled "Las Garzas," it is already sold but will be on display at Benitto's courtesy of the collector.