The work in these galleries represent Dessie Jeanne Marshall's available originals, carved freehand from authentic plant leaves and preserved to last for generations. Click on photos to enlarge and read the individual info. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and the contact details can be found by clicking on the contact page. Enjoy!

The Revival (2019-). Currently under construction, this collection will continue to be added to as the artist finishes new pieces. The volume of Dessie’s work had decreased in recent years due to a variety of circumstances, and she has now returned to her cabin studio with renewed determination to make art the center of her life. Dessie has employed a bold new approach to her creative style, and hopes to expand greatly both the volume of her work, and its exposure to the world. She has also added hand-carved prints to her repertoire, which she will be showcasing alongside her originals in future exhibitions.

Cabin Collection (2015-18). The leaves in this collection have been found by the artist in multiple locations across North America and stored in her portfolio. They were carved during Dessie’s stays at the family cabin, in the wilderness of the Cariboo mountains of British Columbia.

Cross-Continental Collection (2013-15). This collection contains leaves from Canada, the United States and Mexico. During this time, Dessie travelled with her 1981 Monte Carlo all the way down, and eventually back, along the West Coast route. She held a number of exhibitions in Mexico and the United States, and it was a period of high adventure.

This gallery contains Dessie Jeanne Marshall's 2012 Puerto Vallarta Collection. She moved there shortly into 2012 and spent 5 months renting an apartment on the hill above the malecon. During this time, she wandered the jungle in the surrounding areas in search of inspiration for a new collection. She found no shortage of it, and in the process became further enchanted with the beauty and vibrancy that is Mexico.

The following image represents the work still available from the artist's 2011 Drumheller Collection. She returned home from debuting her art in Mexico and set to sharing her art in her home country, with impressive results.

There are no remaining available pieces from the artist's first two collections (Early Work [2007-10], and Sayulita Collection [2010-11]). The pictures depicting the pieces from these collections can be seen in the Sold gallery of this website.