Mexico: The Journey (Part 2)

 It appears sleep isn't an option at the moment. I suppose I could lay in bed, technically comfortable and silently cursing the ill timing of the caffeinated soda I drank, or take it as a sign to stop procrastinating on this long overdue blog entry.

 Sitting here in the silent, dark apartment on the slopes above Puerto Vallarta, the big windows are open and the sound of some faraway music is taking the opportunity to drift up from town. The pleasant harmony is punctuated by equal parts dogs barking, and cheerful laughter from different parts of the neighborhood. Standing on the balcony, I have over a 180 degree view of the town's twinkling lights, nestled between the soft dark masses of the ocean and the jungle covered mountainside. Peaceful moments such as these offer time for the mind to appreciate, and to contemplate...

 I feel as if I'm nearing the end of a chapter, where life has a certain feel, and poised to move on to a new one. This is both frightening and exciting, because in a physical sense it is perhaps the biggest unknown I have faced so far. In the past I've flown to Mexico, living off savings and knowing at least approximately when I am "going home". This time I jumped in my car with zero savings and drove across the continent, working the odd job to make ends meet and, since February, living almost solely on art sales. It didn't really hit me until recently that there may not be any more "going home"...that maybe home has become wherever my two feet happen to be resting.

 The show at Hotel Rio was a success, landing me a large commission job (see newsfeed), and I have another show coming up next month at one of the trendiest locations in Puerto Vallarta (Benitto's Paninoteca in the marina). In the meantime I will be connecting with gallery owners inland, where the economy isn't so seasonal and any art displayed is more likely to fall upon the gaze of the right people from Mexico City. I know that if I take the right steps and fate is on our side, the art and I could make a huge impact on the world.

I'm about to throw myself at the feet of The Universe, living completely instinctively and trusting that this road leads to success. I sort of jumped off the latest cliff without fully understanding its height or having the slightest clue where I would land, and now the only way to open this chute and steer it is to completely distill my spirit. I must become ruthlessly diligent in making the right choices both personally and professionally, and equally so in denying any force that weakens my purpose or resolve. There are gifts, opportunities, and lessons waiting for me that are beyond my current comprehension, and this will be one of those times I will look back on and see as a miraculous series of events. Cheers to taking the leap of faith and going all-in on a dream!

A lookout point on the road to San Sebastian...the camera picked up some magic.